3 Ingredient Rizo/Riced Stuffed Poblanos

Shhhhhh, my husband ate vegan on Monday and didn’t even know it. If he did, he didn’t say anything and when I asked if he liked dinner he said YES! With my jammin schedule with clients I tend to eat at the weirdest times but I always have a warm dinner for the boys. I ate before them, at 4pm and stayed full all night long! 

These Riced/Rizo stuffed poblanos are DELICIOUS and VEGAN and NUTRITIOUS!!!

What you need:

1 head of cauliflower

1 package of soyrizo (can be found in tofu/vegetarian/vegan/produce aisle)

1 Poblano per person

um, that’s it folks!

Start with breaking your cauliflower into small pieces and throw a handful at a time into the food processor and pulse until it looks like rice. Next, take 1 cup of the riced cauliflower and start to sauté with a little olive oil. After that, add the soyrizo and saute the rice and rizo together on low.

While those are coagulating, cut the head of the pepper off and de-seed, place into the oven for 10 min on 375. Once your rizo/rice combo looks mixed up, pull the peppers out and stuff them with the combo and place back in the oven for another  5 min. Pull out, let cool and EAT!

When I bulk cooked this weekend I did the rizo/rice ahead and roasted the peppers, so on Monday while I was working withclients  all my husband had to do was stuff and stick in the oven for 10 min, since they were cold from the fridge.

I seriously was not hungry till I woke up the next day and I ate at 4pm, trained clients and a group all evening. 

Super yummy!

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