Macro Delicious Bowl

I make macro bowls all of the time, it’s easy, fun and delicious! Macro bowls should consist of all of your macronutrients; Carbs, Proteins and fats. Obviously the carbs must come from a whole grain or a starchy vegetable, the protein lean or if you go vegan making sure you complete your protein by combining grains(carbs) with legumes or legumes with nuts and seeds. Next, make sure your fat comes from any type of healthy unsaturated or an omega fat. Let me break down my bowl for you:


Short grain brown rice

Butternut squash (roasted)

Broccoli (roasted)


Pan seared extra firm *tofu


The tofu and kale were sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. This is a very lean macro bowl, you can increase the fat by adding in a fatty omega fish, avocado or some more nuts. I topped everything off with a little chili garlic sauce, drizzled braggs liquid amino acids (soy sauce replacement) on top, a sprinkle of nori seaweed, sesame seeds, and chopped raw purple cabbage, It was delicious!

*prior to sautéing the tofu make sure to lay out a clean dish towel and cut the tofu up and place on the dish towel with another one on top to dry the tofu. You don’t want the tofu wet when you pan fry it otherwise you won’t get a nice crispy outside.

Make this a fun adventure, get creative with your macro bowl and as always feel free to email me if you have any questions on what is a macro in your bowl!

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