5 Min Dinner

  Dinner shouldn’t have to be difficult, sometimes we over think things making them more challenging. Take it from me, who like many others have the craziest schedule. I’m a personal trainer, I work morning, afternoon and evening. I want a family dinner but not at 2pm. I want to cook my family dinner but how do I do that when I have a victim in the garage?


Every week I have an idea of the 4-5 meals I want to have on hand and ready to go. I make my grocery list and bulk cook as many of the ingredients ahead of time. Seriously, this takes maybe an hour of my life each week. Everyone has schedules that are unique to their situation so why not make life easier. This 5 min dinner was a meatless dish jammed with all of the essential macronutrients you need to stay satisfied.

What you need:

Whole grain pasta

Roasted vegetables (I used broccoli, red bell pepper and red onion)

Kale (toss in at the end once you have mixed veggies and pasta together)

Kalmata olives

Tiny bit of feta cheese, 1/2 tbsp per person

Roasted almonds

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Of that list what could be prep cooked ahead of time?????

You got it, ROASTED VEGGIES!!!

Visualize this, you come home from a long day, tired, kids are screaming, your tummy is screaming and you want to scream but can’t cause dinner needs to be made. Since you roasted the veggies ahead, all you need to do is boil some water and the rest is a fucking gourmet history!

Carbs: Pasta, veggies, almonds

Protein: Almonds, feta cheese and trace amounts in the broccoli

Fat: Almonds, cheese, olive oil and olives

BAM! Dinner done in 5 minutes. KISS (keep it simple stupid).

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