6 Night a Week Meal Plan

I decided this weeks blog would be a list of some of my favorite meals that I have cooked, along with a few tips on how to bulk cook most of the ingredients ahead of time. Before we begin can I get a moment up on my soap box about the importance of having A. PLAN B. Planning for that PLAN C. Creating the most efficient way of executing said PLAN.

In the 6 years that I have been training clients, the one thing they struggle with is in the kitchen. Nutrition is 90% of your fitness goals. If you’re  going to make the other 10% a part of your daily life, then why not make it a full 100% and become a beast in the kitchen! Does cooking intimidate you? Do you have 0 interest in cooking? Yes and yes, I’ve heard it all before. If you want that strong FFIT body, it’s gonna take waaaaay more than a few burpees and bicep curls. Again the burpees and bicep curls are 10% of it, nutrition is 90%. Let me help you become 100% successful and FFIT!


1. Take 20 minutes the night before you shop to make a list, with all ingredients.

2. Find meals that call for 5 ingredients or less.

3. Take 1hr a week to bulk prep all items for the meals that you have chosen for the week. At first it might take you a couple of hours but after you get into the rhythm, I promise it only takes an hour. Especially if you are efficient.

The more you do on your days off the less you have to do on your busiest days, which then leaves you time for FFITNESS.

Some top recipes and there bulk/prep tips

1. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2015/11/22/the-best-salad-ever/

*This can be eaten with grilled chicken 

2. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2016/04/09/cool-cucumber-salad/

*This can be eaten with fish

3. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2015/10/14/korean-bibimbap/

*This can be meatless

4. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2015/07/08/greek-turkey-burger-salad/

*This includes the protein

5. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2015/09/10/quick-and-nutritious-week-night-dinner/

*This is another meatless meal

6. https://fitfoodiemccoy.com/2015/07/10/my-ffit-bun/

*This includes protein

For the recipes #1-6 the protein that is suggested can be grilled, baked or roasted all on your bulk cook day, 20 min.

For recipe #5 while your meat is cooking on the grill or in the oven, the vegetables that are in the recipes can be roasting at the same time (same 20 min).

For recipe #1-6 your raw veggies or veggies ready to be cooked can be pre-chopped or spiralized ahead of time (10 min).

For recipe #3,5 and 6 your grains can be cooked ahead of time during the bulk cooking day (same 20 min as above)

For recipe #4 while your meat is cooking, vegetables roasting you can assemble the burgers AND add them to the oven that is already on and cooking all of your other items.

—————–SO FAR YOU HAVE ONLY SPENT 30 min——————

I hope you are all seeing where I am going with this, make the most of your time and energy. If the oven or grill is going, slam it full. Get all of your protein cooked ahead of time, vegetables chopped up and ready to cook the day of or cook ahead of time, depending on what you are doing. Finally cook all of your grains at once. I promise this will help you execute a meal in under 30 min. It’s just like a cooking show where they get it all done in thirty, same with restaurants and why, PREP PREP PREP!!!
I challenge all of you to take the next 90 days and make this prep cooking a part of  your life, like putting your pants on. It will not only save time but keep you FFIT FFOR LIFE!

*For more nutrition and FFIT tips please email me for a consultation. I can help you 1-1 or through weekly meetings on FaceTime. My next nutrition and FFIT camp will begin June 1 with limited space so email me NOW for information!

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