What I Ate in a Week

Every morning I start here…

Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and my lemon water…  
Day 1: Breakfast. Egg whites, with avocado and green bell pepper on top of purple sweet potato   
 Snack: I think I had 3 slices before Nolan took over

Lunch: Grapes, jicama, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, lemon juice and olive oil

Snack: I have heavier snacks on the days I won’t eat until after group

    Dinner: This was super delicious. Cucumber salad recipe on my site

Day 2:

 Breakfast: Protein Smoothie


Lunch: Chicken, avocado and roasted beets
  Snack: dried mango and nuts  
Dinner: Um yeah, this was our Anniversary. Martini, steak with quail egg, I ate maybe 3 of the shoestring potatoes so I would have room for wine and CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!!!!

Day 3 

Breakfast: Was a protein smoothie, again forgot photo. I usually do half banana or handful berries, protein powder and almond milk (unsweetened). Sometimes peanut butter, if my workout is strength and not power. Power I eat eggs and sweet potato.

Lunch: Tomato, chicken, beets, sugar snap peas and grapes. Dressing was honey, olive oil, lemon and a little white wine vinaigrette.

Dinner: Vegetarian; cabbage, navy beans and whole wheat pasta 
Day 4

Breakfast:  Breakfast cookie (also, found on my site) with all natural PB, egg whites, tomato and leftover Nolan blueberries


Snack: Nuts

    Lunch: homemade vegetarian SUSHI! Using sweet potato, purple pickled cabbage, tofu, avocado and green bell pepper. This held me all freakin day and was DELICIOUS!

Dinner: pre-dinner snack , brown rice cracker and homemade hummus, OH and wine
  Dinner: Chicken lettuce wraps and a little Japanese sweet potato 
After dinner: Dark chocolate  

Day 5: Breakfast: Egg whites, Japanese sweet potato and avocado  
Lunch: Leftover chicken lettuce wrap salad

  Dinner: Thai curry turkey meatballs in a coconut cream sauce over brown rice. YES! 
And to finish that day out, it was Friday. More WINE!

So this is what I ate in a week. You got me on a week where we had an anniversary dinner and I had my “friend” in town so chocolate was a necessity and wine was, we’ll always time for wine…balance and moderation are key. Before my Tuesday indulgence I was sure to start that day light and the following day as well. Enjoy life folks but keep it balanced!

What was bulk cooked and prepped:

Sweet potatoes and beets

Chicken for cucumber salad and all of my lunch salads

Lettuce wrap mixture

Cucumber salad pre spiralized and dressed

Cabbage and bean pasta dish

Breakfast cookies 

Carrots, bell pepper all pre washed and cut up

All of that took me 1 hr and 30 min, this made our weekly meals so easy. I work during dinner hour, as you could imagine as a trainer that is the busiest time. It is a MUST to have the food ready so my husband can get everything together. My boys are sweet and they always wait until I’m done working so we can eat dinner as a family. Having a plan is key to your success, join my FFITNESS and NUTRITION camp starting June 1st, nutrition camp is all virtual and can be done wherever you live. You do not have to do the FFITNESS part you can do 1 or the other or both. 


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