7 FFIT Tips for a Mindful Holiday

Tis the season for chaos, craziness and cluster fucks. If you feel a little overwhelmed right now, good. Let that be a reminder that you need to relax. I’m not religious, I’m more spiritual than anything. We focus on teaching our son moderation and same goes for my clients. You can throw a stone and see Santa Clause 95 different times from now until Christmas and trust me, I like that dude and I LOVE Christmas! Taking a mindful approach to the Holidays will not only help you NOT loose your shit but stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals.

Here are some Mindful JOLIDAY tips:

1. Move your body, Every Day. EVERY DAY!

2. Get rid of stuff, clean out a junk drawer or closet.

3. Put the device down, nobody on FB really gives a shit. 

4. Move slower, it’s not a race.

5. YOGA. Plug here, every Thursday 5:30-6:30pm at my house.

6. Take 10 min a day and stare at the wall. Morning or night, self reflection.

7. This is the most important one, 90% of our success is driven by a successful nutrition plan. 90% of you eat when your are stressed and what’s the most stressful Holiday? BINGO, Christmas. Get a hold of yourself NOW! Everywhere you turn there will be some kind of nut cluster, peppermint, chocolate, peanut, fudgey, deliciousness. You aren’t the Cookie Monster so stop smashing it in your face like its the end of the world. If it’s worth it, it’s worth it if it’s not, walk away. Balance it out, cookie today no wine tonight. If you are responsible for a side dish for a party, bring something you can mow down on that is healthy and nutritious. If you are leading up to a fun cheat day or party, eat super clean and lean that day. Most importantly eat with a mindful attitude. Sit and just eat, that’s it.

Below are some super easy meals that you can make and eat in between all the crazy activities to make you not feel so bloated and over indulged.

Brown rice salmon broccoli bowl, its exactly what it looks like. Short grain brown rice, oven roasted sockeye salmon and oven roasted broccoli.

Whole roasted Brussels sprouts with Grilled Ahi tuna steaks. You can pan sear the tuna steaks or grill, roast your Brussels whole.

Turkey, green bean, broccolini, cranberry bowl. I know you vacuum sealed turkey from Thanksgiving. If you froze your cranberry sauce pull it out, roast some veggies, heat the turkey up and slam some sauce on top. Call it dinner or call it lunch!

Dinner, lunch or breakfast done! Keep these three in rotation throughout the Holiday to fight the bloat and over indulgence of Christmas. Most importantly relax and stay mindful.



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