Easy SUSHI Bowl

My husband said to me several times last night, “that was a really good dinner honey.” It was super easy and for any sushi lovers out there, I swear you will be so excited to make this and eat it!

What you need:

Sushi grade tuna

Short grain brown rice

Snow peas

Bean sprouts


Purple cabbage


Black sesame seeds

Nori paper or flakes

Braggs liquid amino acid

Sesame oil

Fresh ginger and garlic or if you can find a paste, that works too.

Fresh ground pepper

Start with cooking your brown rice in your rice cooker. Then sauté your bean sprouts, snow peas, and mushrooms in with 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 1 tbsp of the garlic and ginger paste or chopped and 1 tbsp braggs. Next, pepper your tuna on both sides and in your frying pan add 1tbsp of sesame oil, get it nice and hot and sear the tuna, literally 30 seconds each side UNLESS you what it cooked all the way. Next, thinly slice your cabbage and avocado, build your bowl and sprinkle the black sesame seeds and nori flakes on everything. BAM, dinner is done. That was easy!


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