Let ME Plan YOUR Dinners!

Yes, there’s a new button on my site….

What does this mean for you???? Well, let me break it down:

1. No more scratching your head trying to figure dinner out.

2. No more spending endless hours searching for recipes and asking yourself is this healthy or not?

3. No more writing grocery lists.

4. No more going to bed hungry because you couldn’t figure dinner out so you grabbed whatever was in the pantry, maybe some popcorn, string cheese and some gummi worms.

5. Oh, and no more “WHY AM I NOT LOOSING WEIGHT!!!!!!???”

Having a meal plan is THE only way to loose your weight and keep it off. Planning those meals seems to be the hardest part for people. Let me take all the guess work, searching and planning away from your already busy life. I started this several weeks ago and each and every week I add a few more people to our private FFIT Chef club and guess what, THEY LOVE IT! I have folks that couldn’t cook Cheerios now making THAI CURRY MEATBALLS, and hey if that kind of food is not your thing have no worries. The meals I select are a variety of different foods, no special diet meals, just whole fresh foods. Each meal is macronutrient rich and delicious! Oh, and did I mention super easy!!!!

Starting this Friday we will have an entire new group of FFIT Chefs along with the ones that started a few weeks ago. If you sign up by Thursday then you too could be eating good! How it works, each week for 4 weeks you will receive a password by Friday to log in. There you will find 5 dinner recipes each with its own grocery list, then an entire grocery list for all 5 meals.

Hey, if Austin American Statesman finds me and asks me what my healthy habits are and puts my quote on the importance of meal planning in print. Then what’s holding you back from also being the fittest Austin athlete!!!????

So, if you want to start eating good and seeing those results. Text me! 512-809-7506

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