Muffins That Won’t Give You Muffin Top


Remember those back to school flap jacks I shared in the beginning of the school year, well shit just got even better for ya…

What if I told you that that recipe could be doubled as MUFFINS! Seriously, so here’s that blog with the recipe.

*Obviously for the muffins you will want to triple the recipe, so instead of 1 banana make it 3 along with everything else, be sure to triple.

Now, here’s all kinds of other FFUN FFILLERS you can add to the muffins:








PUMPKIN or sweet potato

*Probably with pumpkin/sweet potato (cooked) you would take away 1 banana and add 1/2 can of pumpkin purée or 1/2 roasted sweet potato.

And they freeze great!

The one pictured at the bottom has a smidge of almond butter that will leave you feeling satisfied and not hungry for hours, macronutrient rich baby!


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